State of the Art Dental Experience

Wells Family Dentistry Office

We realize that for many of you a dental appointment is not the greatest experience.  The “foot on the chest”, the never ending whining of the drill, or the anticipation of “hitting a nerve”.  It all seems barbaric.  We are committed to making your experience less stressful, educational, comfortable and compassionate.

Anxiety of dental treatment is very common among patients.  We have created a soothing and clean atmosphere with vibrant colors and a caring staff.  We listen to your individual concerns and educate you with a variety of Dental Solutions.  We have flat screen TV’s in each room, beautiful outside scenery to view, massage chairs, neck pillows, and cozy blankets that are great for your psychological well being.

Our goal is to provide you with superb dentistry and knowledge so you can make a comfortable decision about your Dental Solutions.  We are trained, as an office, with the most state of the art technology provided in our field.  Very few dentists in the country take the time to use the type of high tech equipment necessary to compliment a true smile makeover. Browse the innovative options at Wells Family Dental.